2014 LIB TECH リブテック スノーボー
価格:40900 円(税込)
商品詳細商品説明Hve fun riding anything, anywhere, anytime with the Box Scratcher! Now with brain scan technology! Do you like to sowvoard? So does Jesse Burtner! That's why we made him this good time party board that lasts him a long time. Whether jibbing a refrigerator, hand planting a stegosaurus, whirling like a dervish, or surfing an air current like a beautiful plastic bag through a desolate parking lot, the Box Scratcher has you covered. The new kink nose and tail help with buttering and presses (as well as impressing buttery ladies). Ride it in reverse! SCAN YOUR BRAIN! ブランドLIB TECHモデルBURTNER BOX SCRATCHER ※平行輸入品になりますサイズ151カラーBLACK MULTI/MULTI スペック・WAIST WIDTH: 252mm・SIDECUT RADIUS: 8.0m・NOSE WIDTH: 291mm・TAIL WIDTH: 291mm・CONTACT LENGTH: 1130mm・STANCE: 20.25"-26"・SETBACK: 0・Flex:5・True Twin・BTX・Magna-Traction・Morning Wood Core・PBT Top・Flat kink tip & tail jib geometries・Power Transfer Internal sidewall・UHMW Sintered External sidewall・Co-Sint


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