2014 LIB TECH リブテック スノーボー
価格:43900 円(税込)
商品詳細商品説明That's it That's All, Art of Flight, King of the Hill, Supernatural, this board has done and won it all. Travis designed this series freeriding at home in Jackson's big steeps with plans to take on the world. Powerful C2 Banana contours are effortless to ride, his model slides in and out of any situations you put yourself into & excels in all conditions. For psychological shredding advantages Travis has two shapes: pow specific pointy 161.5, 164.5 & park/ jib focused blunt 150, 153, 155, 157. Factory detuned to Travis' specs. ブランドLIB TECHモデルT.RICE PRO (BLUNT)  ※平行輸入品になりますサイズ155カラーMULTI/MULTI スペック・WAIST WIDTH: 255mm・SIDECUT RADIUS: 8.1m・NOSE WIDTH: 298mm・TAIL WIDTH: 298mm・CONTACT LENGTH: 1190mm・STANCE: 20.25"-26"・SETBACK: 0・Flex:6.5・C2 BTX・Magna-Traction・H-Pop Core・Axis Inversion Bi-Ax, Tri-Ax・Bio Beans Topsheet・Twin pointy pow shape and twin blunt shape ・Power Transfer Internal sidewalls・UHMW External sidewalls・Co Sint base


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